A custom deck adds a great deal of individuality to a home. Decks are one of the most interesting additions to build because nearly anything may be accomplished. Whether you like a deck that is covered or uncovered, or has cook areas or relax areas, or even a hot tub enclave; you dream it, we’ll build it.

Outdoor living areas are one of the biggest trends in today’s building market. The mountains in and around the Boulder, Colorado area provide impressive scenery year-round, and are best enjoyed from the comfort of an outdoor living space. A screened room or an open-air deck provides a unique perspective for taking photographs or simply for enjoying nature.

Decks - Cactus Ridge Construction

Looking at the idea from a monetary standpoint, a custom deck increases the value of your home. Curb appeal and the overall aesthetic appearance of a home are major selling points. The more improvements you make now, the more value you add to your home in the long run.

Transform Your Deck, Patio or Porch

Consider turning your existing porch into an elaborate deck. The existing framework may need a few upgrades, but if your porch is in good condition a remodel and addition may do the trick. Increase your living space and add to your outdoor enjoyment. Throw a barbecue, have a party, or just invite a few friends over for cocktails and enjoy the sunset. New opportunities presented with the addition of a deck are nearly endless.

By the Book or Custom Build Decks

A deck is a deck is a deck. We don’t believe that for a moment, and we don’t want you to feel trapped into believing it either. Our artisan woodworkers are truly masters at their craft. We start with high quality materials so the end product high quality and uniquely yours. We strive to make your dream a reality within safe building parameters. Your complete safety and satisfaction with a job well-done is our primary goal.

Look at our current gallery for examples of decks we’ve built and customized. Call us or email us to discuss your dream deck and we’ll give our expert opinion and advice.